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Hello Suiters: 

Life is damn hard and much of the time makes little sense.

In November of 2020, Steve Kariger, a huge part of Cheap Suit, Guitarist, Singer, Hypnotic performer, my friend, and brother, was taken by COVID.

In all of the years I have known him, and the decades that we played music together, he never ceased to amaze even this jaded old music man.  Pulling things out of the air and placing them where they should not musically even fit.  He did it with style, originality, and using a deep understanding of his ax and all its intricacies.

His talent, in which only a minute quantity is captured and put on the Tunes and Vids pages really does not do justice to how truly good he was.  He hated recording and having to do solos more than once.  It was a combination of his independence and what he felt was his "poetic" license.  I only had to twist his arm a bit.  It was always worth it.

He was funny, introverted, and egotistical all at the same time.  My friend.

With his loss, and of course our vocalist and pal Mark Conlon who left us in 2018, leaves me as the last guy.  Things get busy and I do want to put up more music and vids that the three of us did because it is there and should be shared.  However, although the memory of them and what we did is joyful, it remains a sad task.  I am kind of tired.



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